One thing we’ve always maintained is that using bikes to help teach, allows people of all ages to learn in a way that they don’t get in a classroom.

Riding bikes isn't the end goal, it's simply a great side effect of the Cyclings program.

What we have done is create a programme which enables teachers to follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and work within the Characteristics of Effective Learning while having great fun and teaching the children a range of vital life skills in the process. It is testament to our years of experience that we have combined the requirements of the national curriculum with the needs of young learners and made the whole thing interesting and stimulating for everyone involved.

One idea that underpins everything that we do is:

It’s not about making good bike riders, it’s about making good human beings.

What we have done is combine all of our years of developing games, working at events, coaching riders, attending schools and testing bikes to create a fantastic set of resources which allows us to share our love of cycling and get teachers delivering it to their pupils, in their schools and pre-schools and create a new generation of healthy, outdoor loving young people with excellent fundamental bike skills and the enjoyment and desire to carry on and learn more and develop a lifelong love of riding.

We have seen first-hand pupils from many different schools; Village schools in rural settings with 10 children in a year through to brand new academy schools with 120 pupils per year, and the main thing that we have learnt is that no two pupils are the same. Some can already ride a bike when they start school and some have practiced all year and still not been able to get enough balance to take their feet off the ground for more than a few seconds, but what unites them all is that they all learn something when they take part in a Cyclings session and that is what drives us to continue developing new games, new activities and new opportunities to get involved.

Cyclings deliver teaching resources both students and teachers alike will want to engage with.

It is seeing the looks on the faces of a rider who gets moving for the first time, it is seeing a smile on the face of a nervous child when they start playing with the other riders, it is hearing that riders who came with you went home and asked their families if they could go for a ride, it is all of these things and more, this is why Cyclings exists.