Cyclings is an idea that we had over 10 years ago. Like most brilliant ideas, it didn’t arrive in a dream or a flash of light, but rather it came about through our many experiences, in this case working with children, teaching them to ride bikes.

Over a decade of experience underpins the Cyclings Program

Our Parent company, Sole Cycling  has been delivering fun bike related activities to riders of all ages since 2007 and what we found was that cycling and bikes provide a fantastic way to engage with people and teach them all kinds of real world lessons, from simple notions like team work and communication, through to life skills such as bike mechanics and developing a healthy lifestyle.

We have developed and delivered nationally accredited courses and have attended hundreds of events and festivals, as well as running a number of weekly clubs.

We have delivered Bikeability road based training to over 10,000 Year 5 and 6 pupils as well as another 3000 playground based places to Year 4 pupils.

We have also delivered 6-week long after school programmes in over 40 primary schools.

We have trained over 1000 Reception and Year 1 children to ride for the first time using our Cyclings programme.

Our programs have evolved from work with organisations like Avon and Somerset Police

We have worked with Avon and Somerset Police to deliver Seminars and Outreach coaching programmes to thousands of young people in schools and hard to reach areas across Bristol and the surrounding area. We won the ‘National Community Partner of the Year’ award from Network Rail for our work developing and delivering training to clubs and projects from around England and Wales, aimed at young people in areas of high rail crime, teaching them the dangers of the railway and helping reduce overall incidents on the tracks in targeted areas. This project has reached thousands of young people in areas and schools around the country.

We have attended festivals at Wales’ national stadium The Millennium Stadium, at the national Emergency Services Show  at trade shows, at schools, nurseries, churches and many more. All of these have given us unrivalled opportunities to develop new activities and games that we know people like, that we know help people learn and most importantly make people smile.